There are multiple registration steps required to fill out in order to become a member of the virtual national gathering. Please follow the steps below to detailed instructions on how to register and how to make payment (if applicable) for your registration.

NOTE: The FNEAA registration form can be found at the following URL:

Registration Step 1.

Fill out your personal information.

Registration Step 2.

Fill out your address and additional contact information.

Registration Step 3.

Upload a personal profile photo – this step is entirely optional and can be skipped if you don’t have a profile photo.

Registration Step 4.

Fill in your organization details – this step is entirely optional and can be skipped if you are not part of any organization.

Registration Confirmation.

After completing the first four steps your registration will be submitted into our database upon which you will receive a registration confirmation as seen in the image below. At this point you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox – you will need to click on the confirmation link in your email to activate your account.

Ticket Purchase

After your account has been activated you will be given the option to purchase a ticket for the virtual national gathering event. Depending on which ticket type you choose there may or may not be a fee involved. You can also select between an online or offline ticket depending on how you plan on attending the event.

Payment Info

After selecting your ticket options you will be presented with the payment info screen. This screen requires you to insert your credit card information for validation – upon validation you will be able to complete the checkout process.