Darrell Wellington - Speaker

Senior Vice President

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Darrell has been in high-tech for more than 20 years in Canadian tech companies MOSAID Technologies, BlackBerry and now Swedish global tech company Syntronic. Syntronic is a Design House focused on developing embedded systems and all kinds of software in the areas of Medtech, Transportation, Telecom, Industrial and Defence. Darrell was the first Canadian employee of Syntronic which has grown to nearly 400 in about seven years in Canada. Darrell and Syntronic are driven to create great tech jobs for people in Canada and with the biggest challenge to hire the right talent, now focused on encouraging more people to consider careers in tech. Syntronic embraces the Swedish values that put a focus on treating employees well, equally and creating a rewarding social collaborative atmosphere. The Swedish values also provide a focus on innovation, efficiency and the environment. Syntronic is partnering with FNEAA to provide information and opportunity for First Nations People to explore careers in high-tech.
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Darrell Wellington's Sessions

Plenary Session

Opening Prayer – Mike Mitchell, Knowledge Keeper

Opening remarks – Darren Googoo, Chair of the Board, FNEAA

Keynote speaker - Terry Goodtrack, President & CEO, AFOA Canada
Message from Darrell Wellington, Syntronic
Date: October 28, 2021
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am