Ken Sanderson

Executive Director
Teach for Canada

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I can sum up my professional passions and philosophy with two words: capacity development. Nothing gives me greater enjoyment than to assist organizations, communities and businesses in becoming aware of where their capacities (strengths and assets) are and how to grow those capacities. Throughout the course of my experiences I have worked with/on: - non-profit organizations as management support to assist in helping them perform better; - communities to assist them in identifying their capacity for economic development and what areas of strength they can leverage, while discovering the areas that they need to improve on; - public sector management in assessing and improving operational performance (i.e. getting Human resources structured, strategic planning, service delivery transformation) - developing and implementing "lean" project management frameworks - developing a variety of tools to assess capacity - in a management capacity, leading staff to a high level of employment satisfaction and performance - launching new corporations in the private sector - enhancing corporate revenues In terms of my professional philosophy, I feel that I am doing my job right if I am building up the capacity (transferring knowledge) of any of my clients. Essentially, a job well done is one in which I work myself out of it.
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